RMT Music & Furthur present:
Sun 5 June 2016

Psych Out! - psychedelic marathon

Ulysses, The Brackish, Cloudshoes, Rauschenberg

5 hour psych melt-down referencing many of psychedelia’s myriad faces. Headliners Ulysses are from the glam-rock end of the spectrum and probably the best rock band in town right now; The Brackish are arty post-Beefheart mindboggling; Cloudshoes float throigh the sky, beaming. Firest and Finally (how psych is that?) Rauschenberg: Definitely from the noisy end of the multi-spectrum, citing MC5 and MBV as well as Neu! and Hawkwind. But – whisper it – there is a songwriting sensibility in there too. Marychain on better drugs?
plusplusplus: Bisch Bash Bosch visuals
Charivari DJs playing Brown Acid

Venue: Widcombe Social Club


Sunday 5th June 2016

Price: £6 door £5 advance
Start time: 18:00  
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Venue access: Full wheelchair access

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