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Friday 27th May 2016

The Bell - Love Lounge (Back bar)

Price: Free
Start time: 21:00

FAB & Bath Fringe

Openings Night Cabaret

It's the night all the FAB art shows open in town - several of them in Walcot Street - and artists like a drink, something to look at, and a dance as much as anyone else does. And here's where they'll be doing it. There will be entertainment and a DJ; when we know more we'll tell you all about it. More info and booking...

Sunday 29th May 2016

The Bell

Price: Free
Start time: 13:00
Doors open: 12:00

Joel Savoy, Jesse Lége and

The Cajun Country Revival

"Two Cajuns and an old time stringband walk into a bar…”
Spanning generations from across the nation the Cajun Country Revival is a veritable supergroup of American roots musicians. Comprised of Cajun musicians Jesse Lége and Joel Savoy - Son of Cajun music royalty Marc and Ann and the founder of the Louisiana label Valcour Records - and two members of Portland Oregon’s Foghorn Stringband, this group presents a music that seems to embody all of the things that make life wonderful and together they’ve delighted audiences around the world celebrating rather than “performing" the music that brought them together: Cajun music and early Country music. More info and booking...

Monday 30th May 2016

The Bell

Price: Free
Start time: 21:00

Mammal Hands

A trio of like-minded musicians - Nick Smart piano, Jesse Barrett drums and tabla, and Jordan Smart saxophones - who have carved out a growing following both here and abroad for their hypnotic fusion of jazz, folk and electronica: they have been compared to both Portico Quartet and GoGo Penguin (who the group have toured with). More info and booking...

Wednesday 1st June 2016

The Bell

Price: Free
Start time: 21:00

Baka Beyond

One of the most successful and consistent bands in the city, the original Afro-Celtic fusion, played with considerable verve as well as authenticity: freewheeling and infectious dance rhythm. Full band playing a warmup to some European dates. More info and booking...

Sunday 26th May 2019


Price: £25
Start time: 20:00

Bath Festival and Bath Fringe present:


Plus Dataline

Flexible, eclectic, APPARAT, a.k.a.Sascha Ring, started in pure dance techno, then caught the Glitch bug, and now the impurities in the sound come from 'real' instruments and singers. Genre isn't really a millstone round his neck. A landmark on the Berlin scene since the late '90s, he has never stopped experimenting and collaborating. This is a special event for Bath and for both festivals. More info and booking...